learning on paper

The Benefits of Paper vs. Digital Learning

As we head into the Fall season and more importantly Back to School, there has been more and more discussion around how education methods are changing, particularly how it relates to the use of textbooks vs technology. As our lives become more intertwined with the digital world, so does education with less textbooks being printed and more resources becoming available exclusively online…but is it really for the better?

college dorm shopping

College Dorm Shopping Essentials

If you’re shopping for your college dorm, we’ve put together a few items that you might want to add to your list. We have a little bit of everything, with ideas for functional items that can help you stay organized this fall, as well as DIY ideas for your dorm and ways to make it your own.

Kate's Place

Make It Better – Spotlight on Kate’s Place

Kate’s Place is a non-profit social program that provides a safe and friendly environment for developmentally delayed teens and young adults in Moorestown, New Jersey. The program is designed to be a place where those who are not able to be on their own have the ability to socialize, build special friendships, and enjoy each other’s company without feeling out of place…

DocIt – Our Favorite 2019 Pattern Trends

One thing we love to do is look at all the different trends going on in the market, especially when it comes to print/pattern and color trends. We take all the visuals we see, create mood boards and use it for inspiration to develop new products each season.  Because we have so much fun doing this research, we wanted to share with you some of the 2019 pattern trends that we love and that helped inspire our new DocIt products!