Elementree Bubble Paper


Introducing Bubble Paper, the eco-friendly alternative for plastic bubble wrap! Made from sustainably sourced Kraft paper, this environmentally conscious packaging solution is curbside recyclable and biodegradable. With its fan-folded, compact design, it takes up less space in your work areas compared to traditional bubble wrap. And with perforations every 12 inches, tearing it apart is a breeze. Protect your goods during shipping or storage with Elementree Bubble Paper Wrap, measuring 12 inches by 250 feet. Go green and make a positive impact with Bubble Paper!


    Bubble Paper is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap. It is made from strong kraft paper that ensures the safe transportation of goods without any movement. The 250’ bundle is conveniently perforated every 12″ and features a fan-fold design, taking up less space than regular bubble wrap. Moreover, Bubble Paper is curbside recyclable, adding to its environmental benefits.

    • Bubble Paper Wrap, 12 in x 250 ft, ideal for protecting items while in transit or storage
    • Perforated every 12″ to easily tear apart
    • Ideal for protecting items while in transit or storage
    • Fan-folded, compact design saves space in your work areas
    • Eco-friendly alternative for plastic bubble wrap
    • Curbside recyclable, biodegradable and made from sustainably sourced Kraft paper
    • Made in the USA

    Additional information

    Number of Sheets

    500, 1500

    Continuous Sheet Length

    458 ft, 1375 ft