Weego Portable Power

Since 1964, the core of Paris Corporation had always been paper. That’s until our CEO, Gerry Toscani recognized an opportunity to diversify into technology by improving upon the age-old archaic solutions around dead batteries. It was in 2014 that Weego Portable Power was born.

From the beginning, we have aimed to produce the highest quality, safest, most intuitive, and most convenient portable power products on the market. Instead of following what was done before, we approached the issue of dead batteries with fresh eyes allowing us to re-imagine the product category. Our patented Smarty Clamps® broke new ground for safety, practicality, and ease of use. And our growing product line continues to outlast and outperform the competition.

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Weego Jump Starters

Jump Starters

Anyone with a vehicle knows the dread of a dead battery and the hassle of getting it started. Weego is the fastest, safest and easiest solution. Our portable jump starters are compact, lightweight, and powerful. Start your car, truck, boat, ATV and more – all in a matter of seconds, and all on your own – no need to flag down a stranger.


Adrian Avena Pro Angler Uses Weego

Competitive Angler Adrian Avena Shares His Passion For Fishing, Hunting And Weego

Three years ago, I was competing in a pro Bassmaster Elite event and my cranking battery died, leaving me stranded with no options on board. Luckily there was another angler in the area that was able to jump start my cranking battery with jumper cables and I managed to get my fish to the scales. Immediately after the event, I searched for a better, less-dependent-on-others solution.