PrintWorks and DocIt have all the tools you need to make this upcoming school year a great one! Our products are made with teachers in mind – to help you stay organized, save time, and let your creative side shine! We follow the latest trends and listen to your feedback to improve our products and create resources to help you make fun and functional learning environments for your students.

Below you will find some fun printables to use this school year, as well as some of our new products for Back to School. Also be sure to check out our blog, and follow us @PrintWorksDIY and @DocItOrganizer on social media for more ideas!


Brag Tag Bracelets

Print on our Neon Paper or Cardstock to celebrate your students’ achievements and good behavior!

Positive Quote Printables

Use our White Index/Flash Cards to easily decorate your classroom with inspiring quotes.

Certificates Printable

Print on our White Index/Flash Cards and fill in the information.

Reward Stickers for Grading

Make grading easy and fun by printing on our Neon Labels.

Welcome Back Postcards

Print on our White Index/Flash Cards to welcome your students to a new school year! Write in your name and grade to customize!

Classroom Storage Labels

Print on our White Mailing Labels to keep your classroom supplies in order.

Lesson Planner for Teachers

Lesson Planner

Use this simple lesson planner to organize your lessons for the week.

Weekly Planner

Keep track of your weekly tasks and stay organized with this printable.

Back to School Printables Kit

This kit includes everything you need to decorate your classroom!

Lunch Note Printables

This printable was made for parents to leave in their kids lunch boxes to make them feel special each day! Print on our White Index/Flash Cards to easily tear apart the cards!

First Day of School T-Shirt Transfers

Use our Fabric Transfers to make t-shirts for first day of school photos!

back to school projects

Crayon-shaped boxes

Using our Colored Cardstock you can create a rainbow of these cute little crayon-shaped boxes!


8 Pocket Folder

Colored Paper

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Neon Labels

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Printable Index/Flash Cards

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