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Recent surveys have shown that more and more consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of their online purchases. When it comes to shipping, plastic shipping materials pose an issue because they are difficult to recycle properly. Replacing these materials with paper alternatives is an important step that businesses both large and small can make to reduce waste and build trust with consumers who wish to create more sustainable habits.

Skip the packing peanuts and bubble wrap and make the switch to Elementree® Void Fill Kraft Packing Paper. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, our paper is ideal for filling void spaces in a box to avoid shifting, or for wrapping fragile items. Perfect for moving, storage, shipping and more! The fan folded sheets allow for convenient, compact storage in carton, and are perforated so you can easily tear to size. Try it today and Ship Wisely with Elementree!


Elementree Void Fill
A Sustainable, Affordable Packaging Solution

Elementree void fill is made from 100% recycled material


Made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Elementree void fill a sustainable packing solution

Eco-Friendly Alternative

Elementree Void Fill is a sustainable replacement for wasteful plastic packing materials.

Fan Folded & Perforated

Comes fan folded in 14.25″ by 11″ perforated sheets. Easily tear along perfs to get the exact size you need.

Elementree void fill paper weight

35 lb Weight

Ideal paper weight for stuffing into the void spaces of your packages to cushion fragile items from shifting in transit.

ship wisely with Elementree void fill

Elementree Void Fill is the wise choice for every day packing for moving, storage, shipping and more! By choosing Elementree, you are supporting a sustainable process that has a low impact on the environment as well as your budget!

Elementree void fill

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More trees are planted than harvested in the US

Sustainable forest management practices in North America ensure healthy and abundant forests for present and future generations, while providing renewable, natural, raw materials for the production of paper and packaging products (AF&PA).

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