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Most people believe in order to be more sustainable “we need to use less paper”.  However, the truth is that to be more sustainable, it’s not about using less paper – it is about using the right paper.

As a manufacturer of paper products, we believe paper is sustainable. Although current environmental claims such as “Go Green, Go Paperless” say otherwise, we recognized the importance of developing a sheet that was even more sustainable for daily use.

Introducing the new choice for everyday printing – Elementree Printer Paper®. You can Print Wisely® with Elementree – it is a low cost, low impact sustainable printer paper.  Made from residual sawmill waste chips, no new trees are harvested.  And compared to standard copy paper, the papermaking process . . .

  • Uses all of the wood material yielding 50% more paper
  • Uses 47% less water
  • & Generates nearly half the carbon footprint

It’s where sustainability meets affordability. Since we are consuming less natural resources and using all of the wood material, we are able to provide you with a more affordable and sustainable sheet of paper!


Elementree Printer Paper
A Sustainable, Affordable Copy Paper

made from residual sawmill waste chips

Sawmill Residuals

Made from residual sawmill waste chips, no new trees are harvested.

made using wind and hydro power

Wind Energy & Hydropower

The paper making process is driven by wind energy & hydropower.

half the amount of water compared to standard copy paper

Conserves Water

Uses 47% less water than standard copy paper.

generates nearly half the carbon footprint of standard copy paper

Lower Carbon Footprint

Generates nearly half the carbon footprint of standard copy paper.

50% More Paper

Since the paper making process uses ALL of the wood material, it yields fifty percent more paper from the same amount of wood as compared to standard copy paper.  This also means that Elementree paper contains more organic material which lends to a more natural shade (similar to paperback books) that is easier on the eyes.

Meet the Sheet

4.3 Mil Caliper

4.3 mil caliper makes Elementree thicker than standard 20lb. copy paper.

96 High Opacity

High opacity designed for double-sided printing to help reduce paper usage and impact on the environment.


During the pulping process, lignin is not removed which causes the paper to shift color (to an off-white) when exposed to light.

Print Wisely

Elementree Printer Paper is the wise choice for every day printing: emails, reports, presentations and more! By choosing Elementree, you are supporting a sustainable process that has a low impact on the environment as well as your budget!

Compatible with inkjet and laser printers and copiers.

Elementree Printer Paper Ream and Case

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More trees are planted than harvested in the US

Sustainable forest management practices in North America ensure healthy and abundant forests for present and future generations, while providing renewable, natural, raw materials for the production of paper and packaging products (AF&PA).

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