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Recent surveys indicate that an increasing number of consumers are becoming mindful of the environmental consequences associated with their online purchases. Plastic shipping materials have emerged as a concern due to their poor recycleability. By substituting these materials with paper alternatives, businesses, regardless of their size, can significantly diminish waste and establish consumer trust, meeting the demands of individuals striving to adopt more sustainable practices.

Introducing Elementree® Bubble Paper, the incredible eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap! This sustainable packaging solution is a game-changer. It’s made from responsibly sourced Kraft paper, ensuring a positive impact on the environment. Not only that, it’s curbside recyclable and biodegradable! With Elementree Bubble Paper Wrap, measuring 12 inches by 250 feet, you can protect your goods while making a green choice. Let’s go green and make a positive impact together with Bubble Paper!

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Elementree Bubble Paper
A Sustainable, Affordable Packaging Solution



Curbside recyclable, biodegradable and made from sustainably sourced kraft paper.


Compact & Fan Folded

Nested design allows for more efficient use of space in your work area.



With a sturdy kraft paper construction, you won’t have to worry about your fragile goods during shipping or moving.

Elementree void fill is made from 100% recycled material

How2Recycle Certified

Elementree Bubble Paper is curbside recyclable, making it an eco-friendly packaging option.

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Paper vs Plastic Chart
Elementree Bubble Paper

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Elementree Expandable Mailing Envelopes


Ship Wisely with the durable protection of Elementree Mailing Envelopes. With a water-resistant barrier, and sturdy kraft paper construction, packaged content remains guarded throughout the journey to its destination. Available in two sizes, counts of 50 or 250 – Elementree Mailing Envelopes make great small business packaging supplies, and are good for shipping items like clothing, documents, and other soft goods. Ship confidently with a sustainable choice, made of 100% curbside recyclable paper and How2Recycle certified.

Elementree Padded Mailing Envelopes


Introducing Elementree Paper Padded Mailing Envelopes! Designed with e-commerce and small businesses in mind, these eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bubble mailers are a game-changer. With secure seams and flexible cushioning, your shipments will be protected during transit. Made from sustainably sourced Kraft paper, these mailers can withstand the elements. Go green and make a positive impact with Elementree!

Elementree Sustainable Printer Paper


Elementree® Sustainable Printer Paper is the affordable paper option for use at home, school or in the office. It’s great for everyday printing such as emails, reports, presentations, research, class assignments and more! And by, choosing Elementree, you are supporting a sustainable process that has a low impact on the environment as well as your budget! Wondering how? Elementree is an eco friendly printer paper made from sawmill waste chips with a pulping process that yields 50% more paper from the same amount of wood as compared to standard copy paper. The eco friendly paper making process is also driven by wind & hydropower which uses 47% less water and generates about half the carbon footprint of standard copy paper.

Elementree Void Fill


Elementree Void Fill is the wise choice for every day packing for moving, storage, shipping and more! Made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, Elementree Kraft Void Fill is the ideal packing paper for filling empty spaces in a package. Elementree Kraft Void Fill works great to prevent shifting, and for wrapping fragile items that will be moved or shipped.  Each case has sheets of 14.5″ x 11″ continuous fan-fold packing paper. Ships in a carton for convenient storage. An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic shipping and moving supplies such as bubble wrap for packing. Can be used as packing paper for moving, wrapping paper, packing boxes, and more. By choosing Elementree, you are supporting a sustainable process that has a low impact on the environment as well as your budget!

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More trees are planted than harvested in the US

Sustainable forest management practices in North America ensure healthy and abundant forests for present and future generations, while providing renewable, natural, raw materials for the production of paper and packaging products (AF&PA).

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