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Hosting a fundraiser or special event and need to create your own tickets and promotional materials? Try PrintWorks Raffle Tickets and Postcards to save time and money by doing it yourself! Our pre-perforated papers are compatible with laser and inkjet printers, and make it easy to tear apart your printed tickets for distribution. Easily customize with our free templates and watch the instructional videos for tips!

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8-Up Raffle Tickets

67 lb (147 gsm)

8 per page printable cardstock tickets are a cost-effective solution for any office or organization. Perfect for fundraisers, raffles, auctions, and more.

4-Up Raffle Tickets

67 lb (147 gsm)

4 per page tickets are ideal for creating custom tickets for special events. Perfect for single ticket distribution. Make organizing events easy!

4-Up Postcards

67 lb (147 gsm)

4 per page perforated cards are ideal for printing high-quality promotional materials, coupons, gift certificates, RSVP cards, notecards for school, and so much more!

Templates & FAQs for Raffle Tickets

How-to Videos

Templates for Postcards

Try our free printable templates, compatible with our 4-Up Postcards. These templates are great for creating index cards, flash cards, postcards, certificates and more!

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More trees are planted than harvested in the US

Sustainable forest management practices in North America ensure healthy and abundant forests for present and future generations, while providing renewable, natural, raw materials for the production of paper and packaging products (AF&PA).

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