Paris is the exclusive licensee of the Dotz brand in North America.  In 2011 we partnered with founder, Micah Maraia, to help end cord chaos forever™.  Home, office or on-the-go, Dotz offers a complete assortment of cord and cable management products that are simple, intuitive and fun to use. Dotz tackles the daily, unavoidable mess of cords and cables that tangle, get confused, misplaced and mixed up, offering solutions to Identify, Wrap, Bundle and Hold.

All of our Dotz Cord and Cable Management products are available online and in-store through authorized resellers. For more information about where you can purchase our products, visit our Partners page or click on the links below. Interested in Becoming a Reseller? Click here to register.

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Dotz Cord and Cable Management
Dotz Cord Identifiers

Dotz Identify

Under dimly lit desks, behind multi-component home theater systems, in overcrowded surge protectors and in drawers of mobile chargers, Dotz Identify products take the guesswork out of knowing what cord, cable or wire belongs to which device.


Dotz Earbud Case

Dotz Wrap

Shorten cords to the perfect length or wind them up to store, Dotz Wrap proucts keep USBs, chargers, earbuds, headphones, appliance and extension cords tangle-free and organized. Portable. Manageable.


Dotz Reusable Hook and Loop Cord Straps

Dotz Bundle

Dotz Bundle products strap or group cords and cables into neat, color-coded single or multiple cord bundles. Whether organizing a computer network, storing cords or packing away holiday lights, Dotz has adjustable straps for every job.


Dotz Cord Guides

Dotz Hold

Never reach down, around and underneath for dangling or fallen cords again. Dotz Hold products grip and secure detachable charger cords or snaking wires from outlet to device for organized workspaces.


Micah Maraia Designer of Dotz Cord and Cable Managment

Micah Maraia, Designer

Micah Maraia has had the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creation since he was a child. After working in both the corporate and consultant settings, successfully designing and launching client’s products from housewares to super computers, Micah felt the time had come to pursue his own dreams. Inspired by an impenetrable entanglement of cords in his studio, he envisioned a simple, intuitive system to bring order to the chaos and the Dotz® Cord and Cable Management product line was born.