A history of 'making it better'

Paris was founded in April 1964 by Dominic P. Toscani, Senior. Dom began his career as a lawyer specializing in taxes and estate planning. While doing routine estate and tax work, he developed a reputation for helping entrepreneurs incorporate newly-formed businesses. Many of his early clients couldn’t afford his modest fees, so in return for his work, Dom accepted part ownership in some of the firms he was helping to establish.


In 1964 Dom was approached by a college classmate who had become a printer and now wanted to start his own company in the newly-emerging market segment of continuous business forms. In April of 1964 agreed to a partnership and the company was formed. Paris begain manufacturing forms and selling exclusively through independent dealers.



While his partner ran Paris Business Forms, Dom continued to practice law while also remaining involved in other businesses. It should also be noted that during this time, Dom and his wife Nancy had a growing family that eventually included ten children.  In 1970, Dom devoted his energies full-time to the running of Paris. And the business started to grow. Eventually Dom was joined by two of his sons, and soon plants and warehouses were added to give Paris a nationwide footprint.



In the mid 1980’s, the Office Superstores exploded onto the scene, which then catapulted Paris Business Products into large stores throughout the country. Beginning in the early ‘90’s, Paris began selling paper and then various office products to every major food, drug and mass market retailer in the US. It was during this time that Paris developed  Printworks, DocuGard and DocIt.  At the same time, Paris pioneered the practice of exclusive license and distribution agreements with printer OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) like Kodak, Xerox, IBM, and HP.



Beginning in 2005, the shift from analog to digital began to impact paper consumption. Recognizing the need to develop specialty produts that would offer growth opportunies in the face of technological headwinds, Paris began developing product and brands that leveraged our expertise. While not every effort has been successful, two that have are Dotz Cord and Cable Management and Weego Jump Starters.



Many have wondered how a “paper company” could successfully compete in intensely competitive fields like computer peripherals and batteries.  A big part of the answer lies in our people and our culture.  We develop and cultivate proactive partnerships between our employees, customers and suppliers to ensure a high level of quality and service.  To learn more about our people click here.