Debbie Becket, Customer Service Manager

Debbie Beckett is the Customer Service Manager for Paris Corporation. Debbie began her career as a customer service representative. After a few years, she moved into the role of project manager and then to senior project manager. Debbie credits her 20 plus years of high performing customer service to her extensive work experience.

As Customer Service Manager, Debbie uses her knowledge and training to provide customers-new and old- a memorable positive experience through stellar customer service- one of the key components behind the success of Paris Corporation.

Additionally, her role ensures the partnerships with suppliers and customers remain at the highest level of quality and service. With practices in the industry evolving, a new standardized process for the customer service team is underway as Debbie oversees the integration of all Paris’ divisions into a centralized customer service department.

Values she lives by are honesty, dedication, trust, and teamwork. She always looks at issues as opportunities. Debbie believes how we handle a difficult situation speaks volumes to customers and it is important we find the balance between customer needs and business needs.

Debbie Beckett studied Business Administration at Rider University.