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1/7/2014 Paris to Show Dotz Cord ID Pro Organizer Line

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Paris to Show Dotz Cord ID Pro Organizer Line Paris Business Products, under its Dotz brand, is introducing the Dotz Cord ID Pro line of cord and cable management for electronics components.

Cord ID Pro is an all-in-one system of colored identifiers, customizable inserts and matching device stickers designed to ensure you never unplug the wrong cord again. Brian Bell, Dotz brand manager, said, "Whenever anyone looks behind their home theater with receiver, Blu-ray player, cable box, TV, speakers, surve protector all wired and working, adding a new component or changing one out invariably leaves a sinking, helpless feeling.  Cord ID Pro takes the guesswork out of knowing what cord and cable goes where, with colors, numbers and text, so there's no fumbling, testing and retesting any of the connections."

Installation is easy, with just three quick steps.  Step 1: Write text on a customizable insert to ID the cable.  Step 2: Place the insert in the identifier window.  Step 3: Snap the identifier on the end of the cable.

Device stickers complete the system, allowing the installer to mark the terminal with a color and number match to the identifier, making identification, relocation, replacement and reinstallation of the cable so much easier, the company said.

Add a second, matching identifier to the other end of the cable and you have a complete, identifiable device-to-device connection - perfect for components separated by walls or on different floors of the home or office.

New for 2014, Cord ID Pro will be offered in a 12-count retail pack containing two sets of six identifier colors, 12 numbered inserts and 12 device stickers.  The Cord ID Pro 12-count pack will be available for national retail distribution beginning late spring, showcased for the first time in here at International CES.  The suggested retail of Cord ID Pro 12-count is $7.99 per pack.

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